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A Love Letter to SBS WeatherWatch

The history of SBS WeatherWatch and a somewhat faithful recreation.

Picture this, it's 2001, the only light in the room is the cold glow of the phosphorous coating of the CRT. You've just finished watching —whether by choice or not — a foreign film with bold yellow subtitles and tasteful nudity. As the credits roll and promos run for another film bound to get you in trouble tomorrow night, you're suddenly met with the blue green haze of a satellite image of Australia all while soft jazz gently drones on.

Need to jog your memory?

WeatherWatch, or to most that thing SBS used to play once the station closed for the night, was the adult version of the Prime Possum, the reminder that you should probably be in bed by now. It was the successor to the test pattern that played after station close, and much like its predecessor, played music over a static image with scrolling text advertising the CD being played.

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Latest Note

I've finally got the start of the SBS WeatherWatch project up, along with the livestream.

This has been nagging at me for a while, I had all the answers but couldn't be bothered to put to finger to key, alas I overcame and I hope you enjoy!